Sweet Lorraine

In Memory of Lorraine Christine Evans
14th July 1948 - 9th October 2007

The following messages have been left through our Light a Candle service

Another year without you Lorraine, I miss you so much x Thank you Iain and Len and Janet for your messages It means a lot that Lorraine is remembered. Love now and always, Stacey xxx


Here we are another year and another birthday. Thinking of you every day, miss you every day. Carole sends her love. Miss you, love you, wishing you a happy birthday, Love forever now and always, Stacey xxxx


Lorraine,always remembered dearest Amiga. Love to your family also, Babs & Kells xxxxxx

Babs & Kells xxxxx

Lorraine, It is difficult to think that it was eleven years today that we lost you. Love you so much and thinking of you always xxxxxxxxxxx


Dear Dad (Les Jones) Sending you love and a bozzle where ever you may be old boy x x Miss you always. Your son x

Rob Jones

Lorraine, Thinking of you today on your birthday 14th July as I do everyday. I will always love you, Stacey xxx


To.Family of Dearest Lorraine, Remains in heart of A Very Dear True Friend, over years. Much Love, Babs, & Kells xxxx


The saddest day of my life. I miss you every day although today the day you died 10 years ago I feel I miss you even more. You will always be remembered as a kind, caring, loving, beautiful lady.xxx


It hardly seems possible that you have been out of our lives for nine years. I miss you every day, you were the best thing that ever happened to me. Love you always Stacey xxx


Lorraine, I remember the day you were born I loved you every day and miss you terribly Love Leslie


Lorraine. Thanks for being there for me. Miss you. x


Thinking of everyone who are missing loved ones this Christmas, I hope you can find some inner peace.


Lorraine.I first knew you when you were eight we never had a cross word. I loved you very much and I miss you very much. Both Leslie and I think and talk about you every day you are missed so much.xxx


For my best friend Bob Burrows, a kind, thoughtful, and caring man and a true friend who will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.


Lorraine, I knew you, but didn't become a friend until later. I am glad to have known you and sorry we had such a short lived friendship. Friends like you are hard to come by... Think of you often x x x


I do not know you Lorraine, but the tributes to you that I have read, touched my heart, rest in peace and God bless you


A Very Special Friend and lovely Family around You.My face tickles a smile remembered,, the happy times we shared, a tear ,the not so times.Visit you when I visit me Mum at Crem. Much Luv. Babs & Kells and to Family and past friends xxxxx

Barbara & Kells

Life is so empty without you to share it with, miss you so much xxx


Always still in my thoughts you were a Beautiful person.Thinking especially now our two babies sharing Birthdays close together, Kells and Louise, yours on 14th July.. Luv to Your Family,Babs & Kells xxxxxxx

Babs and Kelly

Miss you so much Robert your passing on 15/09.2010 left a big void in my life and the guilt in me not being with you is so huge, I can't find a way out of it. Rest peacefully. Val. xx

Valerie Scavolo

Lorraine will be in my thoughts tommorow when walking the 'Walk for Life' in aid of Farliegh Hospice. Our loved ones will always be with us, George, thinking of you too x

Kim x

Remembering Lorraine and the fun and laughter we shared. ' On Days Like These' will remain yours forever xx Please look after our precious, unforgetable Aaron with kisses and cuddles until the day we are all together again. Love Michael & Cherylxx

Michael & Cheryl

Lorraine I will miss you everyday, Remember you always, Love you forever.


Always still Remembered and in our thoughts and your lovely family.Luv to them all and Louise. xxxx

Babs and Kells xxxx

Lorraine, I hope my message of sweet memories of my dear friend are received, Luv Babs xxxx


I lost my dear Mum in January 2011 and my dear Dad in May 2011, I am so lost and alone without them but knowing that they are together once again makes me smile through the sorrow


Always remembered and missed so much in person as best friend anyone could have had. Blessed to know you as close friend for many years,Louise and your Family also close to our hearts, Babs and Kells xxxxxxx

Babs and Kelly

Always Remembered.Luv Babs and Kelly xxxxxxx


I lost my Doug last August live is so lonely with out him. He was my husband, my best friend,my life.


Still remember times shared, Happy, sad, you were such a special Friend. Miss you, Always, Luv Babs xxxxxxxx


Lorraine, One day the sun may shine again, but it will never shine as bright or feel as warm as when you were here. I miss you so much, Stacey xxx


What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady who was and still is so very much loved that even death cannot break that bond, I wish you George and your family a happy life, as I am sure Lorraine would want for you all.


Lorraine,On this the second anniversary of your passing we all still miss you and remember you with love and affection. Our hearts also reach out to George at this time of reflection and sadness All our love Carol Bob and family


Lorraine, I talk to you regularly when visiting my Mums Rose tree and thank you for being such a good friend, we had many laughs together and some tears.. Miss you, Babs and Kells xx


Hi George, I will be thinking of you this coming week and hope you are ok, take care, love Kim xx


Remembering my son, Daniel who left us on 14th July 2001, just before his 40th birthday and my husband, Terry who passed away on 4th February 2007 - every day hurts without you.


Keep loved ones near to your heart and you will always be warm, thinking about you George


My darling Geoff, my shelter in a storm, my willow when the sun is out. I feel lost without you, but so grateful for the love shared.


Just had to say what a wonderful tribute----- I lost my son aged 10 and know the hurt never goes away we just somehow learn to live with it.


Another year without you. Miss you so much xxx