Sweet Lorraine

Our Fate

I have been inspired by hill and mire
By village street church and spire

I have stood in awe on oceans shore
Watched lightening fork and heavens pour

I have gazed at stars in nights black sky
And watched clouds in moonlight ghosting by

I have marvelled at some of mans construction
But mostly saddened by his destruction

I have been stirred by nature’s wonders
Then offended at how selfishly man plunders

I have watched him emptying the seas
Bringing many species to their knees

Taking for granted what we’ve got
Until a day comes we have not

The race, the race, embrace the race
Living lives at deadly pace

We’ll worry when tomorrow arrives
And it’s to late to save our lives

Then travellers will find this place
This oasis green yet deserted space

They will wonder just what devastation
 Bought about our annihilation
They might never know or understand
That our fate was sealed by our own hand

I hope there is a strong clear voice
That helps mankind make the right choice

We have no special right to be
The next species lost could be we

by G. S. Taylor

Poem number 1 of 24.